Teardrop Trailer Shapes and Styles

One thing I noticed almost immediately when I started looking at teardrop trailers is that the shapes are not all the same, and that I liked some more than others. find that just knowing what to call the different shapes and can help classify and identify what our preferences are:

Benroy Teardrop Trailer
Kenskill Teardrop Trailer
Kit Teardrop Trailer
Modernaire Teardrop Trailer
Turtle 1500 Teardrop Trailer
Tourette Teardrop Trailer
1954 Tourette Teardrop
Wild Goose (Kampmaster/Campmaster) Teardrop Trailer

If there are shapes I have forgotten, I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Thanks.

Teardrop Trailer Blogs

Teardrop TrailerI have collected a few of my favorite online resources for teardrop trailers blogs and forums. There are so many great blogs out there, but here are a few of my favs to date.


If you know of any other great blogs I may have missed, please post in the comments.



Teardrop Trailers Love

I have always loved to travel, and the idea of being able to travel on a moment’s notice is very appealing. Of course money is an obstacle I can’t avoid. The idea of owning a camper trailer or RV, although cheaper than flying around the country, is still out of my reach. I drive a small pick up truck, so hauling a trailer is out of the question. That is until I saw my first teardrop trailer.

Vintage Teardrop Trailer

Beautiful aluminum Teardrop Trailer.

So when I first saw Teardrop trailers on television, I was in love. Unlike the boxy beige trailers that litter the highways, these things are beautiful. I loved their unique shapes and kitschy 1950’s look. I loved that they seemed to be custom built; I guess that appealed to the DIY’er in me. Their shape also reminded me of the curves of the skateboard ramps that I spent many years building.


The idea of being able to have a vintage trailer stocked and at the ready to just hook up and go appealed to my desire to escape. I was also attracted to the minimalism. A cozy warm place to sleep that I could take virtually anywhere. I was not attracted to what I saw as the overindulgence of huge fifth wheel campers that could easily sleep 12 but were used by 2. Even though they were small this afforded higher-end features, like real wood paneling and quality cabinetry  so often lacking in even high-end campers. I was even attracted to the history. The rugged individualism of American servicemen coming home from World

Vintage Teardrop Trailer
War II with not much money, but capable of building out a nice camper and hitting the road.

Custom woody Teardrop Trailer

I started to search the internet, looking at hundreds of images of Teardrops, collecting mental notes of what I liked and didn’t like. Unlike all my dreams of travel before, this seemed achievable. As I searched, I found not just images, but groups, forums and plans. I joined one of the forums, and began to read about other people’s teardrop builds. I began to post comments on teardrops I found particularly amazing, and talked to others about their build. Not long after I had my first sighting. I saw one on the freeway! It was a themed trailer, like so many of the themed trailers I had seen online. This one was themed “Oregon State Beavers”, my home state. Of course I had to pull out my phone and start taking pictures, never mind that I was currently driving 65 mph!

I am still planning my first build. Collecting plans, pictures and ideas.